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After moving to England as a young teenager, it didn't take long for Turbulent to discover what was to be his music of choice for the rest of his life. It was because of artists like Foul Play, Omni Trio, LTJ Bukem and Blame that he developed a love for Jungle Drum and Bass music.

Living just outside of London, he was fortunate enough to go to nights at Bagley's, which is where he first realised he wanted to become a DJ. In those days, the energy and atmosphere in a Drum and Bass night could never be matched and he wanted to be a part of it. It was tense and moody, he felt at home. He bought a set of belt drive decks and spent the summer of '97 learning to mix.

A year later he moved to Bristol to study. It was there that he got the opportunity to DJ outside of his bedroom. Having spent a few years with various residencies and promoting the odd night in Bristol, he was fortunate enough to share the same stage with some of the biggest names in the scene.

In 2000, he took a gap year which he spent in Barcelona. When he arrived the first flyer he saw was for La Farinera. It was there he met Eric and Mark, a couple of American friends who were putting on nights in BCN. He was fortunate enough to spend the year DJing at various clubs and parties around Barcelona and even the odd after party at Long Track in Valencia. Plataforma Thursdays was a regular haunt and he is glad to see it is still going strong.

Having moved back to Barcelona in 2009, Drum and Bass took a back seat (a ridiculous decision he admits) and it wasn't until the summer of 2016 that he began to play out again, thanks to MC Stormy. He is thrilled to be playing out once again and is really excited about being a part of SUBconscious, long may it continue!

His greatest DJ influences are Andy C, Zinc, Randall, Die, Break, Fierce and Marky.

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