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Teravito decided to start his DJ career in 2009 inspired by Barcelona's underground scene. Since then Teravito has performed in festivals, clubs and parades all around Spain, UK, Germany and Bulgaria.

In 2015 he was the resident DJ and promoter of LSThursdays in Dread Zone.

Since 2016 till now Teravito has been the resident DJ and promoter of the weekly night DNB Thursdays in Plataforma and became a member of the international Teuf Kulture crew.

In 2018 Teravito joined forces with Basic Elements to start a monthly online podcast called DNB Meeting Point. Teravito also participated in the creation of Teuf Kulture Berlin and the organization of a monthly XL edition of DNB Thursdays, bringing bigger names like Deadline, Revaux, ZeroZero, Mooncat and others to Barcelona.

Teravito's 3 deck skills and tune selection caught the eye of the SUBconscious crew and he became a member in 2018.

All these years as a resident DJ has given Teravito the ability to drive the attention of the people into the night in an interesting way. His experience, his selection and his deep technical knowledge won’t leave you disappointed.

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