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Playazepam is a drum’n’bass activist since the late 90s. He joined the Sonarcotik crew and MCP records in 2004, also known as Blondinaman. Co-founder with MC Raptus of the ‘Jungle Unity’, monthly event in 2006, aiming at federating the movement and generating network within the local collectives. Several noticed events followed such as the Junglexpedition series and numerous residences. Partnership-focused, Playazepam evolved as a collaborative element of the south French scene in the form of various duos including MoussChemist (JetteSet/DBUnit), Samy Lee (Freshly Cut), Mc Raptus (MCP records), Dj Traffx (Urbanbass), Vj RiriPatafix (Visual Joke) and the FoundDaMetal Crew. He then became a proactive member of the UrbanBass family in Montpellier (2009-2011) co-organising many events in residence on a monthly basis.

In 2020 Playazepam released his debut EP on Audio Entropy entitled New Depths and also became an active member of the SUBconscious crew in Barcelona, organising events, podcasts and live streams.

Playazepam has played alongside Fierce, The bug & Warrior Queen, Pascal, Raiden, R-Cola, Dj Rit, Mr Kovert, Jahbass, Dj Panik and many others.

For bookings please email: subconsciousbcn@gmail.com