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Chawer is a renowned Mexican DJ/Producer currently living in Barcelona. Before his arrival to Spain in 2015, he was one of the most active performers in México City, member of the Konami Crew since 2013; he started playing very often with local big names such as Isaac Maya, Mukiyare, Flavor or Konami Crew’s manager, Redeker. As a producer, his early work allowed him to win the Imperium and Zara Kershaw’s “Dark Skies” remix contest by DLA Black and got two more tracks released by them on 2014.

In November 2015, he moved to Barcelona and got quickly involved in the local DnB scene making his DJ debut at the Jungle Jungle’s All Junglists Festival Vol:6 in Feb, 2016, starting a long list of presentations which took him to be booked by crews like OverDub, Bassground, Teuf Kulture and more.

Later on 2016 he joined the True Color Records roster, where he is now an active member and has released several tracks through the label. He also joined the SUBonscious crew and has been part of it since.

His peculiar style and technique has landed him gigs in cities like Madrid and Sofia and has led him to share the stage with names like Sam Binga, Digital, DJ Hybrid, Maztek, Dub Elements and many more.

As a producer, he has two releases on Anticlockwise Music and one EP on the Brazilian label Liquid Flavours and has loads of new music out on his home label, True Color. He currently works as a DJ and Music Production teacher at the renowned MicroFusa school in Barcelona.

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