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His first forays into Drum & Bass as a DJ came in the late 90’s starting as a bedroom DJ sharpening his skills before moving in the London pirate radio scene on the mighty Ruud Awakening alongside DJ Snpr and MC Blacka.

Having played the London illegal party scene for a few years 2006/2007 he got the opportunity to join a Barcelona Collective of DnB Artists ‘DNBCN’ led by Barcelona Veterans MC’s Rvee and Supertee, performing at Sala Plataforma in Barcelona and at events across Europe. Back in the UK over the next decade he was fortunate to perform at some of the biggest events in the UK scene including BPM, Breaking Science, Def:Inition, Jungle Mania, Jungle Fever, Sticky, Nu Era, Pure Science, Worried About Henry and Ram to name a few… Currently he is working alongside DJ Kane on the relaunch of his Trouble on Vinyl Imprint as well Managing Voltage’s Rollaz Imprint alongside DJ Cropz. You can also catch him on the second Sunday of every month 14:00-16:00 (GMT) on LifeFm.TV alongside his sparring partner Mista Frenzy for their Sunday Bunday Show.

As a true student of the Jungle//Drum and Bass game he brings tight mixing and versatility, as a raver of over 2 decades himself he knows what he wants to hear when he goes out, whether he’s playing to one person or 1000 he’s there to entertain not feed his ego. Expect everything from Calibre to Calyx and all the good stuff in between.

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